Sections - 28. Dny evropského filmu


  • Fears and Dreams

     The section in which we bring together films full of emotion and action – detective stories, thrillers, ghost stories, horrors and atypical relationship dramas. We highlight films that cross genres and show European film as an exciting, living organism.

  • No Parents

     Smart phones, friendship and first loves. Films focusing on adolescence and how contemporary young people live.

  • Stars

     A selection of current films you shouldn’t miss. They’ve won at renowned festivals, were made by world-famous filmmakers, and feature European film personalities.

  • Film and Music

     Feature films, VR films and documentaries in which rhythm, melody and music play a distinctive role.

  • To the Point - Seclusion

     Due to coronavirus, our lives have slowed down, changed. Meetings disappeared, often replaced by separation, solitude. But we do not want to look at it tragically - isolation from society allows us to restore a deeper relationship to nature, to the beauties of the world outside of civilization, as well as allows us to meditate more easily, to turn to our own inner self. Traditional section in cooperation with the European Commission Representation in the Czech Republic.


  • MEDIA - Between the Lines


    A collection of older, yet exciting and thrilling stories. They came from the pages of novels and short stories, where they found their first fans. But they also resonated with their successful film adaptations, which we present in the MEDIA panel: Between the Lines. These films were supported by the European program Creative Europe MEDIA.




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