Meky - 28. Dny evropského filmu


18. 6. 2021 7:00 PM, Lucerna

Meky on the screen. The concert of the pop music legend, which was supposed to follow the documentary MEKY in Prague’s Lucerna, will unfortunately not take place due to health reasons. However, Šimon Šafránek, winner of the Czech Lion for his previous film King Skate, will be joined by his wife Kateřina for a talk after MEKY. More in our news.

What has happened to Meky Žbirka since he first picked up a guitar? This is revealed in an unusual documentary portrait by Šimon Šafránek, who presents Miro not only as a musician, but also as he is known to his closest circle. What did the man who wrote the songs Biely kvet, Atlantida, Čo bolí to prebolí, Prvá experience? Who and what is Meky like? “We have been following Meky for almost a year. It seems to me that he lives in his own world where music plays the main role. He’s always singing, taking notes. He has a distinctive, very infectious sense of humour,” reveals Šafránek.

Tickets for the film and discussion: 130 CZK




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