Hungry Bear Tales

  • Mlsné medvědí příběhy
  • Section: No Parents
  • Czech Republic
  • 2020 / 45 min
  • Director: Alexandra Májová, Kateřina Karhánková
  • Animated film
  • Czech version: Lukáš Příkazký, David Novotný, Jan Vondráček, Pavla Tomicová

Contact: Aerofilms

The bear friends from the successful band called Hooray! For Fairy Tales are back! The big one is Ned and his little buddy is Mishka. Together they get into the craziest adventures to stuff their always hungry tommies. In the new story film Hungry Bear Tales they are extremely busy. You will learn how these two funny furry bears met, how they cook or taste truffles together, how they celebrate Christmas in summer because they sleep during winter, or how they make up after a fight. Moreover, they experience a great feast with bears all around the world. Stories filled with wit, adventure and lessons will be appreciated by the youngest viewers as well as their older siblings or parents. So, hooray for bears!


Přítomnost (Praha) Buy Sat 19.6. 15:00
Kino Panorama (Boskovice) Buy Sun 20.6. 17:00


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