Animal rights and protection - Kala Azar - 28. Dny evropského filmu

Animal rights and protection – Kala Azar

20. 6. 2021 at 4:00 PM, Světozor

The film Kala Azar about the last service to animals will be accompanied by a debate about animal protection and the fight for animal rights with the Hlas zvířat and Kaira Hrachovcová.

Kala azar means “black fever” in Hindi and is a deadly disease spread by mosquitoes.

The film Kala azar is a meditation on the paradox of the life cycles of the creation of different species. A couple on the outskirts of a big city somewhere in the south of Europe find meaning in life by caring for dead animals, pets and abandoned bodies hit on the road. A film about existence, about the boundaries between life and death, human and non-human.

Hlas zvířat is a charitable association whose members, top attorneys, lawyers and law students, promote and defend the rights and interests of animals around the world, both domestic animals, farmed animals and wild animals. Animals are living creatures capable of experiencing pain and suffering and deserve the attention, care and protection of humans.

Kateřina Kaira Hrachovcová is a Czech actress, presenter, tattoo artist, numerologist, personal coach, illustrator and painter. She is also a great protector of animals.

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