Special events - 28. Dny evropského filmu

Special events

  • Meky

    Meky na plátně. Koncert legendy pop music, který měl následovat po dokumentu v pražské Lucerně, se nakonec bohužel ze zdravotních důvodů neuskuteční. Na besedu po filmu však dorazí jeho žena Kateřina.

  • VR – Tata Bojs & PSH & Hrubá Hudba

    Four songs by Tata Bojs, one by PSH and foklore by Hrubá Hudba – as you’ve never seen them before.

  • VR – Brejlando: Společenství vlastníků

    A popular theatre play by a director Jiří Havelka and Vosto5 theatre company Společenství vlastníků is based on an ordinary meeting of the flat owners’ community. Each of the owners follows their own interests and the meeting changes into a fierce fight for power. Thanks to VR technology you can be right on the stage, in touch with all the characters.

  • VR – For families with big children

    VR – Fears and Dreams is a series of VR films that cross genres, planets and fateful historical events. The guest speaker after the screening of all three films will be the presenter, actress and video game enthusiast Naomi Adachi.

  • Screening & workshop for families with small children

    The bear friends from the successful band called Hooray! For Fairy Tales are back! The film is followed by a cartoon animation workshop for children.

  • Seclusion in the woods

    Meet me in solitary! The film The Trouble with Nature, full of beautiful mountain scenery, is followed by a conversation between Anna Hogenová and Lukáš Rumlena about the beneficial effects of solitary confinement on mental health.

  • Summer cinema – Bethlehem biographer

    An autobiographical musical comedy Run Uje, run about life’s twists and turns in the newly opened summer cinema in the courtyard of Prague’s Bethlehem Chapel. The film will be followed by a discussion on scientific progress in the fight against Parkinson’s disease.

  • Diáky – Lapland

    The Last Ones. Reindeer herders versus miners. A clash of civilisations in the barren Lapland tundra in the best Baltic film of 2020 at Tallinn Film Festival. The film will be followed by a discussion about Lapland.

  • Animal rights and protection – Kala Azar

    The film about Kala Azar’ s last service to animals will be accompanied by a debate with the Hlas zvířat and Kaira Hrachovcová about animal protection and the fight for animal rights.

  • Investigation & disinformation – Collective

    One of last year’s most acclaimed documentaries, Collective, casting an uncompromising eye on the influence of investigative journalism, will be accompanied by a debate with media experts.

  • Alcohol as a way out of the pandemic – Another Round

    “To drink or not to drink?” The Oscar-winning film by Danish director Thomas Vinterberg provides a possible answer. After the film, there will be a debate with Dan Svátek, director of the Czech film Úsměvy smutných mužů.

  • Screening for seniors

    A telling yet meditative probe into the soul of the passionate and problematic genius Paul Gauguin will be accompanied by a debate with Tereza Kostková. Come to a special screening for seniors at a reduced admission price. A pleasant conversation about film, theatre and dance awaits you.

  • Screening for schools

    This year, the film screenings and the accompanying programme will take place online at a date and time of your choice (morning or afternoon “for homework”). It is also possible to book a film without the accompanying program.

  • Cinema 2021

    Annual seminar for cinemas, distributors and other film professionals.

  • Cinema European House

    European film for free in the comfort of your own home! Screening organized in cooperation with the Representation of the European Commission in the Czech Republic, this time online.


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