The Speech - 28. Dny evropského filmu

The Speech

  • Le Discours
  • Section: Stars
  • France
  • 2020 / 87 min
  • Director: Laurent Tirard
  • Cast: Benjamin Lavernhe, Sara Giraudeau, Kyan Khojandi, Julia Piaton, François Morel, Guilaine Londez, Sébastien Chassagne, Sarah Suco
  • French with Czech subtitles

Contact: Aerofilms

A comedy about a wedding toast and never-coming SMS. Adrien is stuck at an annoying family dinner. His father’s stories are repeated all over again, mother enjoys herself in boring chats and his sister’s fiancé always knows the best. Moreover, Adrien’s ex-girlfriend doesn’t reply to his SMS. His hope he would get her back is getting smaller and smaller every minute. The time doesn’t fly and Adrien is done – nothing can be worse. But the worst is still to come – Adrian’s future brother-in-law asks him to say a toast.

Presented in Cannes festival in 2020.


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