Dear fans of film art, - 28. Dny evropského filmu

Dear fans of film art,

I am extremely happy that at a time when culture is in decline for reasons that I cannot quite influence, I can sit down at the table again and write a brief greeting for the upcoming cultural event.

I used to think something like that was normal, various cultural events took place week after week, we went to cinemas, theaters, galleries, we listened to music in concert halls… It never seemed to end, it would be forever – and then it ended . That is why I am very glad that during the last twelve months, which have been very difficult for culture, the organizers have not lost the desire to organize similar festivals, but I hope that in time life will return to normal and it will be possible to organize events for the public without major problems.

That is why I want to understand my greeting as “an early bird”, I am writing it at the end of February, after the severe frosts have subsided, and I hope that it will really be a harbinger of spring in the literal sense. I wish the organizers of the 28th DAYS OF EUROPEAN FILM strong nerves and good luck.

Lubomír Zaorálek 
Minister of Culture



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